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The Colors Black, Gray, Brown and Pink represent all of me. They are timeless. They  represent me in Strength, elegance, mystery, rebellion, sophistication. Sweet, playful, romantic, tender. Woodsy, organic, earthy. Wholesome, reliable, grounded.  Warm, honest and humble. Home.


In the beginning as a Photographer I never saw myself as an artist. I was just a person who took good pictures. As time went on, I realized I AM an artist. I create.

I can look at the same subject and take ten different images that will tell ten different stories. The angle, the composition, the final edit – all elements that will change the outcome of that one image. No two photographers are alike. Each see the world through different eyes. To me that is what makes photography so intriguing.

Now when I see something, I SEE something. I take in EVERY part of it, I see it in many different perspectives, I evaluate it and even judge it. I FEEL it. What emotions does it stir inside me? Before I became a photographer, I would only see the surface, now I take in every morsel.

It has raised so much curiosity within me and as I have grown into my photography and gotten in touch with a deeper part of my soul – I find myself naturally attracted to certain subjects and genres that are so different then my first pursuits. It took me a while to accept that and be OK with it. One thing is forsure. I do me. In every way. I am in alignment.

My love for my surroundings that I used to try so hard to escape from has grown in ways I never felt. My love for the prairies, my love for “old” things…..barns, homesteads, cars. They tell an untold story. My love for people and all that they teach you if you let them in. There is no rhyme, no reason. Just images that stirred my soul in some way. Explore with me, take this journey and see something in a way you never saw before.

I am available for all types of sessions, family portraits, lifestyle, couples, engagements, grad photos, seasonal minis, website content and more. Everything in my fine art gallery is for sale as a metal print or framed canvas print.  I have custom barnwood frames that we could work together on and create a one of a kind piece.  I look forward to chatting with you so please reach out! Contact info below.


Contact Lisa Hanson

Email:  LJ@lisajamesphotography.ca

FB:  @lisajamesphotoyyc

Instagram:  @lisajamesphotoyyc

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